JGH&W.com was founded by Janice M. Woerner, a certified Occupational Therapist, mother, musician, breast cancer survivor, cancer coach, motivational speaker and healthy lifestyle enthusiast.

JGH&W is a community of local bloggers targeting an audience seeking health and wellness education, financial strategies, business and personal development, and overall balance and serenity in their life.  JGH&W is a place to make connections with those who strive to educate and empower.

if you would like to contribute an article to JGH&W.com or request Janice to speak at your event, please contact (914) 772-3870 or email: healthyjerseygirl@gmail.com

The inspiration for JGH&W.com came from a blog Janice wrote in 2010 when first diagnosed with breast cancer. Now she welcomes all bloggers to contribute and share with her audience.

*Click here to read the inspiration for JGH&W  Who Knew the “Right” Would Be So “Wrong”).

Featured on ABC’s “The Chew”  http://abc.go.com/shows/the-chew/recipes/puerto-rican-chicken-sandwich-janice-woerner



Janice’s cancer journey began in 2010 when she was diagnosed with DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ). In addition, she was told she would be unable to conceive a child. One year later, her daughter was conceived naturally crediting restorative yoga in helping her body heal and increasing her fertility. In 2015, the cancer had returned and Janice underwent a bilateral mastectomy. She suffered an infection in her tissue expanders that required additional reconstructive surgeries. She now offers free workshops to help women prepare and recover from their mastectomy or lumpectomy surgeries.

Janice is now parlaying her Occupational Therapy practice into private cancer coaching and patient education workshops. If you would like more information about speaking engagements, please contact healthyjerseygirl@gmail.com

What is an Occupational Therapist?  An Occupational Therapist’s education is based in areas of anatomy, kinesiology, neuroscience and developmental psychology, just to name a few. This knowledge base parlays into our training to focus on goal-setting, problem-solving and client-centered interventions in order to help you attain your highest level of independence and functioning. “Wellness” is defined by YOU, the client!

Contact healthyjerseygirl@gmail.com for more information.

Speaking at the Monmouth County Chamber of Commerce